Mould and Indoor Air Quality Assessments

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Perfecting Indoor Air Quality and Mould Assessments with Science

HazSure are a leading occupational hygiene company specialising in indoor air quality and mould assessments.

As a preferred supplier to insurance companies and the commercial building industries, HazSure provides mould assessments and mould laboratory testing to the highest standard to ensure remediation is completed for safe occupation.

Our mould testing and analysis is conducted in accordance with the internationally recognised standard of IS0/IEC 17025 and the following:

  • ASTM D7391-20 Standard Test Method for Categorization and Quantification of Airborne
  • ASTM D7658 – 17 Standard Test Method for Direct Microscopy of Fungal Structures from Tape
  • ANSI+IICRC+S500-2015 - Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration
  • ANSI+IICRC+S520-2015 - Standard for Professional Mould Remediation

Our qualified consultants are ready to respond to all major natural disasters, including floods and cyclones or day to day events. If you have experienced water ingress or require an indoor air quality assessment, please contact us today to discuss.