Airborne Fibre Monitoring and Clearance Certification

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Airborne Fibre Monitoring

HazSure Consultants owns and operates a NATA accredited Laboratory in Brisbane, QLD. Our accreditation is tested in accordance with the internationally recognised standard of IS0/IEC 17025 and Australia’s Safe Work Guidance for estimating airborne asbestos and synthetic mineral fibre.

Our facility has the ability to relocate and be fully operational for any circumstance. We are qualified to respond to all major natural disasters, fires, floods and all asbestos removal requiring airborne fibre testing.

HazSure Consultants services Queensland and interstate. Our consultants are fully trained in accordance with our NATA accreditation and all hold an Asbestos Assessor Licence required by law for the certification of asbestos removal.

Clearance Inspections

Are you having asbestos removed? Ensure your removalist has completed it properly.

HazSure Consultants is a fully independent third party to all asbestos removal. We will ensure that your property or workplace is clean and safe before you re-enter.

Our Licenced asbestos assessors have completed strict and stringent training to conduct inspections and air monitoring during and after asbestos removal. For all licenced asbestos removal work, an independent Licenced Assessor must be engaged to complete the certification of the asbestos removal.