Respirator Face Fit Testing

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HazSure offers face fit testing for all tight fitting respiratory protection equipment (RPE). We have the capacity to the conduct the testing either onsite or in our office.

HazSure can face fit test a large range of RPE, these include:

  • Disposable masks
  • P2 half face respirators
  • P3 full face respirators.

Our highly trained technicians will instruct the correct use and maintenance of either mask/ respirator fitted. All testing is conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard 1715-2009- Selection use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment by using the latest technology.

Please note that when wearing face fitting respirators, workers must ensure an effective face seal. This means being clean-shaven or only having facial hair that doesn’t interfere with the fitting surfaces and the valve of the respirator.

Please contact us to book in for your face fit test today!